Kasturi kijang is a famous perfume or haruman and has many variations of aroma. Favourited by the Prophet Saidina Muhammad saw, The Nyai kasturi kijang is processed locally using high quality imported deer musk sack. The smell has a pleasant aura and brings joy to the soul seeking for calm and serenity. The attar is so pure that it can also be consumed with super minute amount (please ask for advice prior usage).

Other uses of kasturi kijang is for a refreshing bath or just to facilitate good sleep by rubbing a small amount prior to reciting selawat. Buyer will be gifted with ijazah Selawat Kubro (normally priced at RM22.00) which is known within the ilmu hikmah practitioner to heighten the granting of wishes with Allah mercy insyaallah.

The Ijazah will be released upon payment via direct communication (WA). Notes in pdf will be provided. 4ml vial costs RM49.90 with pouch and 6ml vial costs RM59.90 with pouch.

Kasturi Kijang